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2012-11-11 06:11:00 (UTC)

Finncial Separation

My wife recently wrote me to say 2 main things:-

(1) – I have applied for a restriction to be put on the house at the Land Registry, to prevent further borrowings against the house by you. It is a shame that I having to resort to this, but I am sure you can understand that I am no longer prepared to leave things to chance like I have a couple of time already.

(2) Financial separation agreement – as I advised you back in February (via email), I will be drawing up an agreement that will legally separate our finances. A lot of empty promises have been made to date to “put things right” on the finances front. As I am sure you will understand, I cannot afford to be strung along any further. My first and foremost responsibility is to protect my interest and those of the children. As such, I have asked my solicitor to draw up an agreement.

She went on into details of how we would share the proceeds of the house (on sale), and the amount of money she thinks I owe her.

I responded by saying she should send me the proposals and my solicitor will get back to her.

She now said she can't afford going back and forth with solicitors (she was the one that said she was going to use her solicitor in the first place) that we should sit down and trash the agreement out between us and then get solicitors to sign it.