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2012-11-11 04:00:09 (UTC)

Jus Gettin Anger Out

i wish i was good at something ...cheer , dancing , volleyball , softball ...SOMETHING . no , i suck . why would that ever happen ? all i ever wanted was to make the cheer squad in high school ...no , got rejected both times . &the most recent time I WAS THE ONLY FRESHAMN .

ima show them bitches . ima get into tumbling &go in and fucking WOW them . im so over it . its like im getting someone elses karma . i have no friends , i suck at everything , im compared to my cousin , no boyfriend , not athletic , everyone hates me ...yk .

i wish i had a best friend . i mean , Spencer is my best friend but i mean a girl one . one i go to the mall or movies or skating with every weekend and then stay the night with . but NO .

both the Alyssas have one , Morgan does , i lost Jade . its whatever tho cause i jus suck anyways . im nothing but someone to be there but when i need someone its ohh hell no .

yk Darcie still hates me for something that happened in 7th grade that i didnt even do ? she jus kinda took someone elses word for it and assumed it was all my fault .

i remember this one time , McKenzie got mad at me cause i didnt tell her who i was dating . like , seriously , ive never liked you that much anyways and its really not your business . she was like , Emily i thought we were friends ..why would you not tell me that ? whys it fucking matter.

lets see , McKenzie came into my life in 6th grade ..we had drama then . We also faught in 7th grade ...and 8th . wow , i dont think we were meant to be friends ..but now she goes to a diff high school !!! but shes comin back next year . -.- she is LEGIT gunna ruin my life . NOBODY wants her there ..ive talked to like 20 people about it . lol . whatever

i jus hate people . lol . bye .

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