2012-11-03 00:51:08 (UTC)

No Assumptions

But with Ahmed, I think I might have a chance. He was a hugging a guy earlier in Jama'ah the way I would and that isn't a normal hug. Maybe he's life Ify. Maybe he's just curious. I really wanna talk to him though. Because he's chill. I have the best taste for brown men, right?


Danish learned my name today off of Koji, because he asked me what my name was in front of Danish. So I had to tell him Eli, more formerly known as Elijah.

My mom was blasting music so loud that it could be heard across the street. She so ratchet though.
Lmao. I really dislike Andrew Aldo Gonzalez. I kniw I shouldn't but he's too picky. I became really chill with Jason because I stopped trying with drama, with him.

Ifeanyi never replies to my text. :(
But he can text semiah of course...and everyone else.
It makes me feel like shit.

Fuck, I need to do that Photo Story, but I REALLY wanna go to that volleyball tournament. But papi grounded me! :( fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

I'm in that mood when I have no reason to be, I have less of a reason. It's just I'm happy anyway because God knows.