2012-11-03 22:51:58 (UTC)

Andrew . -___-

oh god . where do i even begin . okay , long story here :

So , Jade used to talk to this kid named Andrew . We met him at a dance. They started talking when we were in eighth grade and he was in seventh . So , they got ina a HUGE fight and stopped . &now Jade has a boyfriend . and blah , blah , blah . well , a lot of time passed before she heard from him . So one day , i put a faebook status someone text me ? and he said number ? so i gave it to him and he told me he had a crush on me for a long time , he jus didnt know when to start talkin to me . So that same day he asked for a handjob . i was like no ? &i kinda lost respect for him right then and there . then he asked me for a pic and i was like no . and he said sorry for askin . so then the next night he was like babe im horny and i stopped replying and he apologized again . so then , we were going to go to the movies last friday but then he said he couldnt go til sunday . he offered to pay and everything . so then on saturday , he was like movies ? and i was like i cant becasue i planned on sunday . so he was like 'k' and we didnt talk at all after that . soo he kept puttin statuses like wakin up at 5 to talk to her >> then was like why am i up if she aint even gunna answer ? then he was like fuck her ..who wants to talk ? and jus a bunch of stuff like that . so then , he text me today and was like hey ?(: and i said hey back and he was like what are you doing babe ?(: &i kinda was like so you really think you can ignore me for a week then call me babe ? BITCH , SWERVE . so then he asked for a pic again and i said no and he was like what if i send you one and i was like no . and he said k and i didnt respond .

like fuck off , you aare in eighth grade ..have some respect for yourself and other girls please . like , you are a complete douchebag . i lost all my respect for you . WE ARE DONE TALKING .