Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2012-10-31 04:05:19 (UTC)

hallowed eve

well, it's halloween. I've accomplished, nearly nothing. I still haven't moved, I need to, I'm working on that, have a new plan for that. saw a place today in North Van for $450 a month, nice mexican kid lives there, but it's still a dive, only I'd be paying more than I am now. little drama with the roommate, it's sort of settled. needless to say it's going to be a fairly uncomfortable month. but, oh well.

the job thing hasn't worked out. got the job at the "preferred" place, only to discover why they go through so many new drivers. The send you home when you're scheduled to start at 5pm at around 9 or 10, even though they're open longer than that, and then they hire new drivers even when they're sending guys home early. on top of that, the "new guys" get sent out with only 2 deliveries, all the "older" ones get 3, which means there's lots of cherry picking, and you also get the low cost orders, which means the tips are sometimes terrible. the hourly pay is nice, the tips are great when you have a decent order, but, I can't have a job where I'm working 3 hours a night 4 days a week when I could be working at a shit place for 7 or 8 hours. sigh.

well, in anycase, I bought a pair nike runners, got my gym membership for 3 months paid up, tomorrow I'm going to the gym. I'm hoping that I can change my sleep schedule within a week or two, going to the gym at 5am is pretty awesome, haven't gone swimming in forever, I really do miss it.

as for my dating life? met a nice girl on okstupid, she seems pretty smart, could be good. hah, well, I am a hopeless romantic, but i'm not going to do anything overtly crazy.. no roses or box of a single truffle on this date. i miss the days when you could do something like that, and it'd be appreciated. now? not so much. ah well. maybe i'll meet a girl who likes that kind of thing. I miss writing bad poetry for girls in hopes of wooing them. i'm hoping i will soon enough, again.