Tianna's life
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2012-10-31 06:51:00 (UTC)

just to get you up to datee!

okay so, i'm NOT going to worry about punctuation today, cause this is gonna be a long onee!
okay so it all started when i graduated... my ass hole of an ex boyfriend broke up with me a few days before grad; it broke my heart.. completely made me want to die, i stopped eating, i cut, i was put in the hospital for all the weight i lost.. i became a mess.
so i then asked mikey.. who was inlove with me.. so i guess it was a mistake to ask him.. i thought of him as my friend..
he took me, he made my day so amazing, i was greatful! so he asekd me to go to his grad! i did... i asked my bestfriend at the time to come because i needed someone there for me, incase i saw my ass of an ex.
she came and was there for me.. untill her boyfriend showed up... and asked her to go hangout.
she ditched me there with yet another broken heart. that was the 9th fuckin time she ditched me for him.. i needed her
so i was done. her and i were no longer friends, i became close with mikey, him and i are no longer friends because i got a boyfriend
jordan hates me. because i got a boyfriend, my mom's boyfriend? hates me! i don't even know why!.. i'm 100% done though.