Anson Aldaine

Secret Keeper
2012-10-30 23:59:08 (UTC)

These Days

Well, this past week has been extreme. I got this great boyfriend last Tuesday. He is amazing; nice , funny, and considerate. He knew my limits and understood. Well, apparently my mom doesn't. She thinks he is too old so last night I had to dump him. I cried forever. Cried even more today. He is a senior and I am in eighth grade. I felt terrible breaking up with him. My life is a mess right now. He made me feel so whole. I haven't felt that happy in like 7 years literally. I wish I didn't have to do what I did. I miss him. We are still going to talk. Screw everyone I like him too much to just give up because of a limit made by my mom. If I am not allowed to be with him, I will be his best friend. Later on though things are going to change. I want to stay close to him and maybe when we are older it won't matter as much and I can have him back. All I do is think about him anyways. His hair, his lips, and his eyes. He is honest to go beautiful. His eyes look brown but if the lighting is right they have a ring of green around the outside. He is so perfect. I won't give up, because I can't give up.
Forever thinking of him,
Anson :/

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