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2012-10-29 22:21:27 (UTC)

Cocktail of emotions

Cocktail of emotions for me….yes I am not in a good relationship right now but there are worse things in life….I need to ensure I am hungry from deep inside….hungry to succeed in my career, course, business and other aspects of my life. I need to be righteous, find peace and be full of joy. Joy is spiritual….happiness is circumstantial….I am not happy because of my current situation but I have joy….joy because I know I am at peace with God and striving to be righteous….that is, I want to do what is right with God….it’s not easy but it all boils down to hunger…fire in the belly….over time everything else will fall into place….it is impossible for darkness to overcome light…..truth (overtime) always prevails….so I am at peace…..