2012-10-26 18:55:06 (UTC)

Shadows and Lights

Some strings had to be pulled, because technically I didn't tell him. He knew...he has a knack, and that was definite that he can tell. He's so emotional, it's so cute. I love Calum so much, he's just a big teddy bear. Ify is more comfortable with it.

Now I imagine those scenes where I could have tears streaming down my face and he'd grasp my hand within his and we would meet lips.
Isn't that so gay?
If I could completely understand trig my life would be much easier.
5 Hour Energy is definitely getting to me RIGHT now...lolol fuuuuck!! I like Chris Grant. He's cute, but I'm torn because he looks too much like Isaac.
I don't wanna fall asleep at Diversey again omg.
I love Areeb's smile, it's so puuuuurcious.
:D It's contagious too.
I can't believe Jesus told Danish bout me and Danish didn't even know I exist.
Thanks for waking me up Demi L.

Love is too powerful for me. :p