2012-10-25 06:58:30 (UTC)

Now I Found

Who I am,
There's no way to hold it in.
No more hiding who I really am.

I really like Ahmed, and I'm in love with Phil. Everyone else is cute, and the only exception that there is is Danish because I feel connected to him. I call this problem PAD, Phil, Ahmed, Danish. The triangle of problems I need to solve, I wouldn't be able to handle myself correctly if they were all in the same room. Maybe that's why I naturally try to avoid brownie gatherings such as Jama'ah Club. /:

Nobody knows who I like, maybe just...maybe Ahmed knows and probably avoids me. I know Phil has gotten over it. He's a cool motherfucker, that's why. I realized that getting a proper amount of sleep is crucial to my grades. Lol. Whoops.

The freshmen are so cute. Lol. At least just Frifri, Robert, and sort of Ibrahim. Lol. Something tells me Chaoyian is borderline depressed, or flat out sad all the time. I wanna be there for him.
Depression sucks. It always has, it always will.
And doesn't help from using zenith brain potential.
I'm always at school and too sad to think about or say anything. When I'm not tired, I doze off a little bit. Just a little.
I love 5 Hour Energy. I wish I had 3 dollars everyday. If I had a job my life would be complete. :p but no. Because my parents want me to ask for money.

I can't believe I had such a very, very bad dream. Too sexual. X_x and ew, never with him. Those are things not meant to be written down. Well, anyway. Here's to another day of pretend. Cheers.