always wth love

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2012-10-29 04:22:21 (UTC)

no hope

my childhood
at 8...i was abandoned & raped
i just thought at 8 i was had a sleepover with a friend
what i didnt know that ill be livin with my friend 's aunty for 18 yrs now
at14..big suprised wasnt the best of gifts towards your 1st born child,...telling you that you have a baby brother----
at best friend had dare me to drink alcohol, i didnt because i didnt wanna be a PUNK
i didnt like the 1st to times.but after a well your pretty cool about the souation,as a life of living
now that im 18...i had started cutting myself,i dont feel like i belong,i feel like old beated-up toy that a kid lost years agos
every since the school year had started i have completely,presuade myself...
but i know thats who i am been coming as a young adult, or as a young lady in a socailty