2012-10-28 14:02:00 (UTC)


You know, I've been reading Homestuck for a while now and I love it. I fucking love it all. I don't know which character really represents me. It's a mixture of Kanaya and Karkat, a little bit of the Pisces girl because I am Pisces. But my cunning stems from Vriska, I like her too actually. The 12 trolls lol. Gamzee's horrible. :(

The ancestry though is pretty awesome.

Anyway I've been trying to start on my homework but I don't know how exactly...I mean it's so easy but I'm sitting here procrastinating like a motherfucker. Real trippy bro. I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing anyway. And I'm typing so fast that y screen is shaking lmao.

So back to PAD problems...Phil, Ahmed, Danish.
So I'm still in love with phil unfortunately, but at least I get to rub his head like he's my shit because I own him. Every morning I wake up with an intensified sexual feeling for someone and I don't know but then I have to get myself off .____.

It has to be someone in PAD. I really like Ahmed, but it's okay it'll go away soon, I know it. Then again I said that about Phil and I ended up falling in love with him. Danish is soooo cute. :( </3
Danish doesn't know who I am, thanks to did I get brought up in a situation like that though? I wonder...
I just asked him. Hopefully he replies.

I want Windows, I don't. Mixed up.
I'm stuck up here with stinky feet. :D At least that's what my parents would say. I don't take care of my hygiene because I'm a slob, I don't take care of it because it's not one of my immediate problems. I sound bad but lately I've been giving myself a lot more things I can handle I've been handling that "I don't even have time to wipe my own ass."
Au contraire, I do wipe my own ass.

I'm gonna go downstairs to eat something. I actually want pizza again. Something, there has to be some motivation to jummpstart this fucking homework. For one, maybe I shouldn't be laying down lol.

Luis Granja got some fucking skills. :o I wanna learn how to do that from him, but then again I don't know him.
A lot of upperclassmen don't like me as it is. At least Koji is okay with me. Yay Koji. c:

Also, my feet are purdy stinky c:<
Chemistry homework here I come...after I get some shit done.