2012-10-28 08:53:03 (UTC)

Online Shopping.

Online Shopping...

Yes I have Addicted to online shopping. Some days from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed I find myself stuck, I mean Stuck to my Mac Book Pro. Which I simply love ohhh how my fingers just glide across those silky keys mmmmm my apple, which I have to thank for that beautiful item. It only took me four days to barter that laptop down to my price limit, it was an adventure all by itself.

Yes I know them all, I mean them all, online local classified ads you name one I have been there and yes I am probably registered,, one of my favourites Craigslist alababa wow you sure you want to hear them all.

I am sure in the future you will hear my experiences with each individual online classified ad site. As somedays they are my best friend but other days I feel on the edge of crawling through my mother board and wrapping the processer around the entire cyber paypal village that for some reason seems so very untouch able and invinceable

By the way has anyone noticed looks almost just like hmmm I liked it withe the old face myself, but no the less I was on it ten times today and will probably be on it many more times until my eyes have gone all fuzzy from looking through the sections my favourite I admit is the free section, wow isn't it amazing what people give to another. There are big and giving hearts out there. I too am one I have more then 50 free items alone posted on and 10 auctions on and 30 kijiji ads.

Yes my addiction wow there is this beautiful ring on there waiting to see how the bids are going and I just might partake and pick it up for a pre self christmas present.

See when it comes to online shopping I can become quit scattered as my mind continuely thinking of emails daily deals best buy...I simply feel there is no more need for department store development. I have it all right here at the palm of hands.

Well my first entry is over for now, I have to go out of town to pick up a Nikon 300 wow what a steal that was got it for an excellent price and only 2000 shots have been taken on it can't wait to take some new picture of the turning season.

Bye for now happy Online Shopping

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