2012-10-23 18:54:48 (UTC)

Best Recognize Music

So I'm at Hanson Hall, waiting for vocal lessons again. I am an awkward child with an obnoxious and very loud laugh. Is it weird that I found my vocal instructor's facebook? No? Of course not, that's me. The awkwardness. I wanna learn how to sing though with a guy instructor...they could teach me better.
Josh Pratchett is kinda cute. c: Except for the fact that he's teaching J.D. Not like I have anything against JD...

Besides the fact he is an uptight pussy and his sister is nothing like him.
Lol jesus's response to not letting j.d. live down having a sister though. That was funny.
So in the practice room today I heard my voice break out in clarity and steadiness for the first time. It was loud and it sounded like raw power. Now I know if I keep training my voice, it's going to be a force that can't be reckoned with. It's hard to practice because my family is home and they'll think I'm a wreck. Every morning I keep forgetting to do vocal warmups by myself where I can clear out the fluid in my lungs.

Who am I kidding. I can't sing. I wish I could though.
Harmony <3
Ms. K and Ms. Martinez gave me chills singing Autumn today, it was beautiful. I believe i can sing, maybe not as amazing as other singers but I can develop my own voice and it won't sound like Dylan Pulver lmaoo.

Someone tell that kid that he's friggin horrible at singing. Stick to the guitar.
My instructor just came and I ate a bunch of food :c Now my voice is cracking, and I'm nervous about the spectator. My Lord. /:

Should I be nervous? Nah.
Lmao I accidentally treated Manny with the PDA thing today, awkward. His girlfriend looks like a nice person. I am exercising my diaphragm. Yay.