48 shades of darkness
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2001-10-10 06:32:32 (UTC)

In This Darkness

In this darkness, I belong
Lost my life, now I crawl
On my knees, I sit here and bleed
Begging for life, one I can’t see

All along I’ve been told
To live life, till you’re old
Learn the things, you shall find
Mistreating people, get in your mind
Take your thoughts, take it all
On my knees, I sit and crawl

Black as night, I sit in fright
Against these things, I can not fight
Emotions stirring, I feel the burning
Inside my chest, I must confess
I hate this shit, but am I blessed?

In this darkness, I sit and wait
Determining, my own fait
Take the shit, that I’ve been fed
Feel the pain, inside my head
Live life, as if I were dead
On my knees, I sit there and bleed!