Diary Of a Marauder
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2012-10-23 21:35:04 (UTC)

Arguements !

Yeah.. So had a terrible fight with Mum and Dad.. and over a very stupid reason! now neither of us are talking to each other.. and I'm quite happy with that.. Seriously, I'm tired of putting up with my mom's constant complaints and demands..!
Ok so I have a special reserved chair of mine at the dining table.. And I never sit anywhere but there.. Today Mom asked me to sit with her being festive season and all..I told her that I would not sit anywhere but my chair and she should shift her chair with me..but she looked quite put out and so I compiled.. But I kneeled down beside her instead of sitting on my chair so as to not break my record..which made her extremely angry and she stood up telling me to go away..And then My Dad was all ready to give me a good blow on my head(and trust me..his blows are quite good..They leave me in tears for at least an hour)..But then I ran away to my room and ate later on after my parents went back into their rooms..So therefore My Mom is very angry with me.. I know its childish but I haven't sat anywhere else at the dining table but my chair, so why would today be any different? Ugh..I hate this!

Earlier I used to lament over these things with my best friend, and she used to cheer me up.. But now she's too busy with her Oh-so-perfect-boyfriend..and so does not have the time to listen to my problems because they are too boring.! And the worst part is that I encouraged her to say yes to him..And i helped her arrange all her dates with him and even lied for her..and all that for nothing!
Sometimes I feel so bloody lonely.. My elder sister has got a placement in some other city and my friends are too busy in their perfect life with their perfect boyfriends..
Merlin help me! :/

ϟ potter_fan ϟ

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