2012-10-22 07:26:09 (UTC)

Down That Road

It was only just a dream.
Grimmie and Tsui though.
Anyway, I'm heading to school, not looking forward to English. This BAC can suck my dick. (Big Ambitious Claim) I don't want to argue about something I could care less about.

I'm tired of the KP students tagging me in pointless shit on FB too, they really need to calm down. We're all sophomores and we all act like a bunch of 6th graders.
Sometimes, even me. Well, I can't help it so I guess I can't say anything.
I haven't seen Janicee in like fuckin forever. And she is my next door neighbor...guess she found better friends than me to hang out with. c: happy for her then.
I finally get to eat breakfast! Since Sabor's performance...we've gone on break. But anyway, first we went to iHop after the performance with Aisha and Victor and the team. The pancakes were so fucking good. c: !
Chocolate chocolate chip if I remember correctly.
And then Ivan took everyone out for team bonding to see Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. Sinister was pretty graphic and creepy as fuck...and Paranormal Activity sucked all the way until those last 30 seconds at the end. That was fucking scary as fuck. I almost shat bricks. Lolol.

When he drove me home...he didn't talk to me. He only asked how my first performance was, as some sort of condescending adult would do to a child. It made me feel little...although Ivan jumped a little too quick to say "really?" When I told him I made no mistakes. His passion for dance is the most.

I always hated performing individually. I always have to perform in a group or I will fail.
I never made Hypnotik. I tried though..."better luck next time." Assholes...they noted how I dance, I am better than the blankout machine they saw...there is something about all these groups just wanting to accept only upperclassmen.

I'm joining Indian Dance instead. Besides, I love Phil and I wouldn't wanna not spend a day with the kid...I think. Haha. Swag in an Indian skirt. Only he could pull it off.
But he knows I like Ahmed, and nothing is being said.
At least that's what I think ;/
I'm not a naïve child at all. I know realistically what may happen and I tend to make mistakes and foolish decision and whatnot.

Ray just sat in front of me. I wonder if he still thinks I'm a big ass creep...tbh I didn't even know he took 82. .-. And then he just goes to sleep lolol.
Yeah...asking him if he wanted a ride that rainy day is probably not a good idea if you don't know who they are. Lex told them though. "Happy pneumonia!" Treated both their lives, even though they weren't late.
Mi Todo - DoMiNiCaNaDa <3, here I come -_-