2012-10-15 18:28:38 (UTC)


I'm terrified. I feel like I'm not gonna make Hypnotik. Aidan bothered me for 2 weeks. About the fucking thing. But if Ify and Manny and I don't make it we're going to be the only guys. I want to be alongside Manny, honestly. He's cool. Ify's spine is bending. I'm going to try hard. Really hard. I'm going to fucking make this time. I'm GOING to be a survivor...I'm going to.

I know it's all bias, but whether or not I make it I still am going to have this tiny crush on Ivan, I'm still going to really like Aisha despite her past, it's going to hurt. ACTUALLY I'm really happy because if I don't make Hypnotik I can join Indian Dance. Hypnotik is still my love though. c:

I'm not bending yet...I came THIS far.

I'm going to be elite. I'm going to try.