2012-10-13 11:45:47 (UTC)

Cicero Practice

I'm in a place I didn't know Anna's dad owned. We've been practicing for 3 hours, and all I had to do was walk here.

Anyway, he's been on my mind the whole time. The senior crew of Sabor brought up the slow dancing and it instantly reminded of what had happened. Tru was buried in my hugs, Aidan kicked me in the nuts! He better not fucking do that again! We're cool but not that cool...

They played Spanish music and I expect it was Jesus's doing. And I've been keeping an eye on Armando throughout practice for some reason...I can't put my finger on it.
It was something Yaneza and Grisel said...what was it? Why does he act that way, just so apathetic?
I was texting phil last night...and i hugged him goodbye too. I told him not to change...he's becoming more of a douchebah, but I confronted him...