You've got a friend in Pennsylvania
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2012-10-17 00:29:45 (UTC)

College at 9am

I should be sleeping right now but my room smells weird and I can't sleep.

Two good things have happened recently! I've sent my university application off and I'm so excited (and hoping) that I'll get offered a place somewhere. Also, I've got a job at mcdonalds now, not the most glam job in the world I know but it's better than my old job dressed up like a tacky french maid (don't ask) and being drenched in peoples left over food.
I just read my previous post about having feelings for someone and I can safely say that I don't have feelings for him, I was just lonely when I wrote it and to be honest he does kind of fill that "boyfriend shaped hole" inside of me but not in a sexual way obviously haha.
I need to point out that my idiot of an ex boyfriend now works part time driving a digger and he doesn't go to college anymore, which if I'm honest makes me feel really good because I can laugh at him (I'm so synical honestly).

But yeah, things are good and I'll probably be writing in here again to talk about my university offers!

Wish me luck.

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