Fallen from Grace
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2012-10-16 01:45:00 (UTC)

Work yay... no calls yet :(

Well I must admit I set myself up for disappointment. I sat here at home today. This morning I got out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning by the time dinner time rolled around I was more like a puppy in a window. Speaking of Christmas… I realized something. As a kid I wanted two things for Christmas. One was realistic and one was as about as likely as changing the stars. I was a bit of a simple kid. Every year I hoped to wake up to a cool stuffed animal and the other thing I never really spoke of til right now. I wanted my dad to stay home with us. I wanted to do stuff with him. I would get secretly jealous of my cousins cause there dad was always there.
Whateves though I got the coolest stuffed animals as a kid. This year If you asked me right now what do you want for Yule (I do not celebrate Christmas anymore) I would say… I just want to be making enough at my job to be able to make a difference in the house. Its hard to feel like cooking and cleaning is enough at times but Mike makes me feel needed so that’s all I really. So I turn on my calls today I been telling myself I can do this but then in the 13 hours I had my calls on the phone only rang once… it was a solicitor. Its ok its only the first day… I am a perfectionist when it comes to this job. I try so hard to be perfect at what I do as with any job… I take it serious. I am determined to get this off and running. I have picked up some fresh new ideas on how to stand out. I will be the best damn phone slut out there. I am going to make this work. I know it will pick up I just to be patient. I am tired of not knowing any co-workers anymore but I got this.
Honestly I feel as though I am building a dynasty. I know it takes work to get my name out there and what I do. I got to stick with it. Things will pick up I will not sit back until I get at least one call. I do not care if its for 5 mins. I just want to prove to myself I still got it. I think tomorrow I may just do like today and keep busy. That way I do not over think this.