I Waste My Life On These Situations
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2012-10-15 22:06:33 (UTC)

The End To A New Beginning

Things are so different since the last time I wrote on here. I'm a freshman in high school now. It's crazy. Things are getting easier now that i've gotten into the swing of things. Tony and I ended up not working out..we are way to good of friends. But after a month or so after Tony and I split up I got with this guy named Nathan. He was so sweet, the sweetest boyfriend a girl to have. But as the relationship got more serious the meaner he became. He wasn't the same person as he was at the beginning of the relationship. so I broke it off on our one month. I know what you're thinking "One month, seriously? First of all you were not even dating that long and second of all that's terrible."
But hey, it was for the best. And yes, I feel like a terrible person. But there is this guy. His name happens to be Blake. Cute name, huh? I cant explain how much I like this guy.. Like if he would go like another girl I would cry my eyes out. that's how much I like hi,. He's a junior...also 16 years old. I'm a freshman, 14 years old. This kid, yeah this kid has got me going crazy.

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