2012-10-15 01:42:56 (UTC)


so friday , i was sick from school . and that day , grayson dumped connor . and he tet me :
him: hey(:
me: hey .(:
him: what's up (:
me: layin on my couch ..wbu?(:
him: bored , i missed you today ...im single(;

&im tryna stop myself so i tryed to ignore flirting .
me: whyd you guys break up ?
him: she dumped me.
me: oh . sucks . im sorry.
him: its ok.
me: okaaay .

he didnt respond ..so today he text me and we had a good convo til he didnt respond . then i get on facebook &hes flirting with my cousin , cynthia . when she hadd told me he played her and she was done so she lied to me . then i get on twitter and taylor is like watching south park with connor . love this kid haha .

DOUCHE BAG ! CHOOSE A GIRL AND STICK WITH HER . but dont choose me cause im officially done . i want NOTHING to do with that muhtruckin player . he can get outta my life for all i care .