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2012-10-13 20:27:38 (UTC)

Connor . -.-

so , after connor asked me to homecoming , he broke it off . i still had his hair tie and he had one of my i <3 boobies bracelets . we got to homecoming and savannah asked him if he was there with grayson . he said yes , he had no one else to go with . i told him to give me the bracelet back and he said if you give the hair tie back . so i gave it back and he gave me my bracelet back . that night , he grinded on morgan , whose my cousin and she KNOWS everything ive been through with him . they only did it when i was around too . so that night , i told him off . his girlfriend broke up with him . he texted me and told me and i ignored him . he tried to talk to me again and then got another girlfriend . she broke up with him and text me and told me he missed me and that he was single . im trying not to go there anymore because i know if we start talking again , hes gunna get another girlfriend .