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2012-10-12 09:33:56 (UTC)

Amazing Trainer

I can't believe it!! A trainer came to my school to talk about entrepreneurship, and she told my class about her life and guess what? she was from a low income family and she had to work when she was 8, she had a passion on being her own boss as she wants to take care of her mum who have took care of her when she was young, so my trainer wanted to study overseas at Australia and wanted a house in Sentosa (a place in Singapore), so she work hard to go to Australia and af4ter 5 years,she found herself in a plane on the way to Perth,Australia

The whole class was dumbfounded about how successful she was 5 years after she left college, when she said she wants a house in Sentosa, and when her brother is going for a holiday for a couple of weeks, he will hand his house keys to my trainer which is in Sentosa, my mouth hang wide open and thought to myself "how i wish i have a brother like that" that would be the best thing that would ever happen in my entire life, i really hope my life would be like her

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