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2012-10-12 09:22:06 (UTC)

About Me

Hey everyone!! Thank You for reading my entries and i really appreciate it... Anyways i will write about what happened everyday so that you'll guys reading will know more about me!!

My name is Khairunisa, but you can call me Khairu, i am a teenager and i live in Singapore. I am a half Malay and Fillipino, i love Khalil Ramos and Katy Perry as she inspires me to be who i am, and be true to myself, I may have problems but i put all of that behind me and move on with life with a smile as life is too short to cry for people who is not worth your tears. I love her songs so much as there her songs are like my motivation to move on.

I love eating macaroni and cheese and ice cream especially Haagen Dazz!!! ~AHHHH~ i am starving! Anyways, back to the topic, my hobbies are listening to music and twitter!! The sites are extremely addictive!!

Alright then, do keep in touch with my entries and i hope you guys wil enjoy my entries!! I'll be writing soon!!!

-Khairunisa <3 <3