2012-10-11 17:54:23 (UTC)

3G Sucks

I wish I had 4G. Smh.
Anyway, I kinda need to find a way to write more in here more often without like, piquing people's curiosities.

Can someone tell me how fall I've fallen precisely?
I remain forever imperfect. (Storm before the calm)

Anyway, Sabor practice today was really fun. Victor was in such a good mood and I'm glad he forgave me. I broke the strings on my favorite pants :c
Hm. Learned major scales on the piano. There's a dance tomorrow too...should I go?

I mean, I bought a And there's so much homework to do...I think I'm gonna do Japanese and HUSH because I'm too afraid to even touch Trig x_x Write a paragraph. T'f. This is math, not English.
My phone won't let me go on Facebook because it's stupid.

The people who came into my mind this weird. Brandon, all out of people. Not Licuanan...Gutierrez. Hmmmmm. /:
I need to stop just assuming these people know me.

I feel like I really wanna get to know Danish though, and Phil's really cool toward me now. I love my busy, stressful, single, insane and laughable life.

Insane indeed, though.