2012-10-09 17:42:19 (UTC)


Kept a tally.
Or maybe I should,
On the amount of secrets I can keep. They don't pain me because they are interesting and although I'm not out of the loop, I tend to just blend in without having to say anything. I may seem like a higher figure but deep down, I'm not. And admitting that I'm not better than anyone else is that view few have that make themselves stronger. I'd like to be strong, too...

I really hope I make it into Hypnotik. Since I got horribly rejected from Acafellas (twice), I plan on staying in Sabor then I guess. And Hypnotik, if I make it.

So Gus and Aisha are making this whole trip awkward for themselves, and I feel obliged to say something to have them make up but it's frustrating. Especially everything they've ever done toward each other. It's almost excruciating.

I just looked up...Aisha's head is on Gus's shoulder.
I sense Aisha is forming things in her mind and biting her tongue whereas Gus is trying hard to concentrate on his music, yet I know where this story's gonna go.

Funny how I mentally typed in "both" as if my brain detected a new reader. I'm gonna refer to my journal as a 2nd person because this journal is pretty secure.

Lol, so we had the most whack ass playlist today, also. It's just kinda really friggin' weird. That like...well, everything's fine. The neighbors don't bother me anymore, I'm beginning to befriend a lot of people I usually would like to talk to.

Don't like? I gotta stop drifting off when I'm typing.
Anyway, I gotta meet Ahmed already, but I sense strongly he really hates me yet in fact we've never talked. I just want a scenario where I can at least gain his respect.
Fuck, they're so cute.
No Boyfriend, No Problem.

Observer of the unaware.