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2012-10-09 13:42:54 (UTC)

Anger, Counselling and Abduction

Very Angry

I am consumed by the spirit of anger....so furious. I can’t help but be angry at the whole situation. I am praying the anger goes away very soon. In the meantime I am avoiding my wife as I don’t want to say anything right now that I may regret.
I am angry that after my parents came over to try and resolve the whole issue (they did their best) and my father even broke down in tears....I am held in such high esteem by my parents and in one stroke i destroyed my reputation by telling them about my infidelities and spending money behind my wife’s back. I was (and still am ) so ashamed of myself. My parents were terribly disappointed. They spoke very well as at the time they came over everybody had given up as it seems my wife’s mind was made up. They decided to tell her about 2 financial transactions I had done behind her back....I remortgage the house and sold (and in the process of repurchasing a smaller) our piece of land. Without me going into all the details it is very difficult to understand but with time I will get the chance to explain my actions. In the meantime after my parents told my wife about this she has used the information against me telling everybody about it and packaging it as one of the reasons she doesn’t want to continue with the marriage...this makes me very angry as her mind was already made up before my parents came over....also my parents requested a few things from her....to continue paying my tax bills (she has stopped paying them) and we should restructure our finances...she hasn’t done any of this....she just ignores me and pushes the limit....the other day she said she was going out at 7 pm but did not leave until about 9:30 pm and you can imagine my shock when I woke up to do some work and she was just getting home at 3:30 am.

Her sister and brother are trying to arrange a counselling session with her brother’s mother in law. After she told them about the new financial information (mortgage and land) they were angry with me but they somehow found reason to come to meet me to try and resolve the issue....i must have been doing something right in the marriage then....I don’t really know about this counselling.....I hope I am no longer angry (it is on Sunday) when the day comes so that I can talk positively but i also plan to say everything I have issues with in the marriage.

As if my problems were not enough last Saturday my mum and my aunty were travelling by road 9car) driven by their driver and they were apprehended my hoodlums. They leave in a country where it is not unusual to be attacked on the road at night. They are partly to blame for travelling at that time but it was traumatic. I was (thousands of miles away) but was speaking to my mum on the phone when it happened. For about 10 minutes i could hear them being very aggressive and saying they will shoot them....i was driving at the time and I nearly crashed. We did not hear from them overnight. My cousins and brother arranged police searches along the stretch of road but no trace. Finally in the morning we had from them...they were tortured (70 year old women!) stripped and dumped by the bush (their driver had managed to escape)...that had to sleep nearly naked (just bra and pant) in the bush and managed to get clothes of a village woman at dawn and a bit of money to find their way to a police station. It was a horrible experience....I thought of everything...they are lucky to be alive...the hoodlums took the car and all their possessions but through Gods grace their lives were spared.