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2012-10-05 02:50:11 (UTC)


Sometimes, we like to play with fire. It's daunting. it's mesmerizing. it's dangerous. We like to hold our hand out forwards the fire. feel the heat sears our skin, feel the warmth tingle and spread towards our body. we thrive on the knowledge of danger, because we like it.we like the fact that there's a risk, it makes fire more enchanting makes it more enthralling, makes it more alluring. because all the dangers? all the warnings? they just makes us want to play more. but sometimes we lost this tempting thrill, we became addicted; we don't notice the increasing amount of heat that we're feeling or the pain that is creeping on us. we don't stop until be get burned. When it's too late. Only then do we yank our hand away from the fire,away from the thrill, away from the drug. only then do we realize we've gone too far. sacrificed too much. because the game is over, the excitement is gone. and only then, do we realize that we're left with nothing. Nothing...but our burns.

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