Dick's Story
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2012-10-03 08:22:41 (UTC)

1525 zulu

up at 5 am. on the 6:03 train. rode scooter to station. greg on train. lift vendor called me on the bus. discussed lift options with sumner. got a flu shot. called yingling aviation for return auth. ra24880. ground school class last night. working in chapt. 4. put charger on 127 kilo. de-cowled 127 kilo and taxied to robert's hangar. he checked compression. perfect cylinders! delivered alternator materials to his hangar. put 127 kilo back into hangar 23. drove the ranger home. presidential debate. romney won. found harmony of the gospels. left scooter at transit center. drove over to check on it and decided to leave it there. gave sumner dwg of sunshade. paul put new battery in 08 sierra. attended daily ops mtg. met with sumner and jeff on lift.