The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2012-10-01 14:04:54 (UTC)

Sober Living

As I take a step back and look at all my passages i wrote dating back ten years ago, and how my life has changed drastically! I can really just say WOW!!! I'm 27 years old now and like has def. brought me on a journey.. I have grown so0o much just with in these past 2 years and to me its just crazy to look back and see all the craziness I been through.. Especially due to the alcohol and drug abuse.. Some people i wrote about are still present in my life, some have perished, and some just went their own ways. Today I live a productive and sober life. Heroine became a BIG part of my story in the past 5 years. My life crumbled as others watched me destroy my dignity and my self respect.I was a prisoner infected with a disease called Addiction!! I live with this disease still to this day, and i will continue to live with this disease till the day I die! Although I have this disease, I am learning how to keep it under control. My motto today is, If you dont pick it up, you wont get High!! Don't use no matter what! Emotions and feelings suck, but if I pick up it will only make things worse. Change is inevitable! My life isnt perfect, and because of the damage and the wreckage I have made in my past, i am slowly building a life that I couldnt ever imagine having. Remain positive, even in horrible situations. Find your way through the dark, because at the end you will eventually find the light. Stay vigilant and remain focus. Work hard to achieve your goals. Everything doesnt happen over night, but in time if you work hard enough at the end it will all be worth it. Love urself!!