2012-09-27 06:14:07 (UTC)

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going

Look at all this fucking green I'm wearing today.
It's like I inspire fucking traffic signs, goddamn.
Today has been unnatural and nonetheless shitty.
I had to wake up in an excruciating amount of pain,
And then proceed to find my soccer stuff.
Holy fuck, I think I need to go to Whitney because there's no way I'm going to be able to play until this clears up. This puts a complication on any physical activity too.

Then, I miss the bus and have to wait 16 minutes for the next one. The last one was empty. I guess today's not my day, but maybe it's because I woke up early.
I love when the sun is still down in the morning.
And for some reason, this bus gives an eerie blue light.

Anyway, I've been thinking about what I have joined so far. I lost a lot of my soccer skills not being at practice :( I'm all rusteh...
Why did I even wear this black band? I don't understand myself.
To top that off, I have done absolutely nothing to provide content to the Driver's Ed doc we were supposed to do today. Now I'm sitting here quietly waiting to hit Catalpa to walk my happy self to Northside, and although there was no point of bringing my bag today, I insisted on thinking it would magically heal. I guess I'll leave it in my locker.

And I have to read like 4 chapters of this shit. Yay.