2012-09-26 06:50:00 (UTC)

Lesbie Tech

There's always this guy that goes to Von, but he looks exactly like a male version of Leslie. I've been meaning to meet him but he's always sitting so far away, looking so sad. Sometimes I wish I had went to for example, Lane Tech is such a social media center...that's why there's so much drama and fucking idiots but it's so sad - Yet beneficial. As for Northside, they're's why they're stuck-up. But individually we all have our own problems so I'm not making any hasty generalizations.

Anyway, I'm heading to Sabor practice.'s gonna be a bit tense because of Gus and Ish but hopefully, I'M REALLY HOPING...that they conquer this bump. I'm not exactly trying to be put as the mediator between things. Ish and Gus are both really awesome and funny people, heartfelt. And it's funny cuz Ish made that comment about how she had to go over the awkward bump with Gus in order to be his friend like I have to go over this bump with Victor in order to be his friend.
Okay, I was a freshman. I found everyone attractive, I didn't know who I liked and I lost a lot of friends because of it. I love everyone regardless, even people who hate me. This is why my fucking life sucks.
At least, freshman year. It dragged. At least I'm used to it. :p