Fallen from Grace
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2012-09-28 09:11:31 (UTC)

Woke up with a smile

I been losing sleep for some reason. I can't tell why but its frustrating though. We just got back yesterday from Daytona. I spent one of the 2 days disturbed by the fact my friend had been giving me the run around. I got my stuff finally. I am happy but I must admit I ran across some of the gifts I bought for Pandora. The 30 dollar toe ring kinda whipped away that smile... but only for a brief moment. Its fine though. I guess it will look good on my toe lol.
Mike and I went to Streamline {gay bar/ hotel} but it was pretty dead so we went to Karaoke at Tailgaters. I had fun singing. I miss it sometimes singing. I noticed there is nothing I really miss about Daytona wise. I miss a couple people there. I almost wonder if I will even say anything the next time I come to town. I may just go float through. I had a letter from my brother waiting for me. It was cool and it really made me laugh. I am going to be writing him back later. Got to finish Zack's letter today too.

I woke up at 4:46am and I got up I came to see some stuff that made me smile. I got out of bed and then went in to computer room. I signed into digsby and was checking all my emails at the same time. My profile for cam work was approved and I am ready to get started. My listings for niteflirt were approved so translation... I can now start working from home. I got some work to do here today plus I still want to finish my other listings. Got to go for now. I know todays going to be a good day.