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2012-09-28 03:41:51 (UTC)


Finally I have started what I call ‘zoning’…..this is just me focusing mainly on my personal targets. I wake up early enough to study for my MSc in Maths program and conduct an meetings or tasks required for my business, go to work, do my job well, study to equip myself better at work, go for my course, push my business, develop my football team (I am the manager of our church football team) and focus on my children…….

No one says it is going to be easy especially getting up from bed at 3:30 am, but I am determined to be successful….I also want to walk a personal path with God, I fall off the wagon now and again (lol) but I love God and want to be close to him so it is a sacrifice I am prepared to make…..

Of course I want a relationship, I would love one (preferably with my wife) but right now I just want to focus on things I can control….others will come late….I miss love…but it is on the backburner for now…..