2012-09-25 06:59:50 (UTC)

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Haha, nahh. I'm actually on a bus wanting to do my homework but I can't accomplish that because I'm not even at school yet. I wish I was.

You know what's weird though? This freshman I know named Robert waved Hi to me because I knew him on the bus. I guess it was a friendly gesture. I hope he's super nice and not unbelievably strong as people say he is. I like people like that, who focus on their other strengths, not just their physical ones.

They say the average human mind experiences at least 7000 thoughts a day. Huh, I could totally believe that. Everything we do is with our mind anyway and intelligence is just the expansion of insight of data no matter how impressive it is.

At first I would usually feel intellectually inferior to the poeple at my school since they're quite the bunch, I even know some freshmen who would probably be smarter than I ever could be.

Anyways, my ACT range is in the 25-26. I'm just a sophomore, yay for PSAT. I'm heading for 30-31 though and I know this school can get me there. I also plan on taking AP Chem and AP Psych too, but AP Chem is 200 minutes long /:

Like hell. This is high school. Bitch.
Anyway I'm not sure what I wanna do yet. Latino Fest is coming Oct. 19th and my group has to perform a dance.
Sabor Latino is gonna own this year, but people already backing out is not a good start. I was talking to Agustin and Aisha yesterday, acting as some sort of mediator I guess.
LOL I laughed so hard when they asked him where she was and he's like, "I don't know. Probably doing somebody else." So cruel but so funny. It's whatever.

I don't like Ivan but he'd be pretty cool to hang out with. So...I was belting Viva La Vida by Coldplay with Ibrahima yesterday and I was impressed that I was belting notes I could never even dream of hitting.
I guess vocal lessons and chorus are finally paying off.

Oh, shit. I'm already at Lawrence lol.

Anyway, though...Jesus asked me for this journal. I just gotta make sure I don't forget he's the one reading it...maybe that'll clear the feeling from my head that someone else is.

I'm so hungry. I hope that bitch gets whacked in the face today. I'm sorry my backpack is of your personal disinterest. But frankly ma'am, I don't give a fuck.