2012-09-25 06:32:02 (UTC)


Am I gonna find a backpack that is small enough and has enough space to fit my books?! I look like a damn freshy with this backpack -.-

Anyway, first practice tomorrow at 7am. :) Because Latino Fest is Oct. 19th, so we do need to get working. :o I can't wait LOL. Omg, I'm nervous already.
Sabor though <3

I woke up today like Fuck Everything today and I intend on keeping it that way. I tried combing my hair and brushing my teeth and it still feels like my breath is rotting and my hair is just going everywhere.
I'm like,
What the fuck ever.

I can't believe Aamir told Danish he was cute.
Thank GOD he didn't tell him who.
He said he wouldn't fuck with Phil or Ahmed anymore,
I'm very happy about that.

I just let out a sharp sigh. A really loud one too...

Ibrahima and I were talking for like 3 hours straight yesterday, it was awesome. Although I wonder if the dude's actually straight. He's in Alliance, and he says he's 'straight.'

There's a difference between me liking straight guys and me knowing who those straight guys are. ;o