2012-09-25 23:54:39 (UTC)

What the Hell is Wrong With Me !?

alright , if someone knows tha answer ..PLEASE tell me . so heres the WHOLE story .

There's this boy , Connor . one day he posted on facebook for me to text him . so i did . we started flirting , A LOT . we hugged everyday after school . he told me he really liked me and wanted to kiss me . this was on a Friday . so Saturday night , i get on facebook and hes in a relationship .</3 ..i jus bout died . we never texted after that and occassionally did at school . didnt get anymore hugs . so one day , he comes up to my with a hair tie and said: i dare you to wear this on your wrist forever . i didnt put it on until i asked Jade . she said that it wasnt even his girlfriends , it was another girls . and he was gunna break up with his girlfriend and talk to me again . so Alyssa came up with the idea to wear it for a week and talk to him , then say i have a boyfriend . its been a week since all this and he still has a girlfriend . so he text me one day and was like i miss us talking . i go me too but you got a gf soo ..he said can you still talk ? i go you have a gf tho ...he said i wont tell . i said im not doing that . and he was like i miss us talking period . i go we can talk , jus not like that . he said what about when im single ? i go sure . and he still continued to call me babe and gorgeous and all that . and he goes you have to kiss me . i said ill think about it . he goes soon and i said when your single . the next day he text me and said what if i asked you to homecoming ? i go id say yes . so the next day (today) theres a not in my locker that says: homecoming ? Jade got mad cause he didnt do it in a cuter way . so i said yes to him like i said i would . and Jade told him: if you really want to win her back , you have to break up with your girlfriend . he said: i cant do that . WHEN he originally said he was gunna . and i feel bad for her cause of all the stuff he says to me . but i dont get why im doing all this . IM JUS SETTING MYSELF UP TO GET HURT . ik its gunna happen but i honestly DO NOT CARE right now . HELP ME !?!?!?!