The Days of my Life
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2012-09-25 20:56:36 (UTC)

today today today

well one thing is for sure. even though i ended it with august. i found that i still love him. this sucks. i think i was just following what my family said. august was write. never let anyone into ur relationship. I miss him to dead. and am depressed. he found a new girl she is 17, yep he got over me quick. paul says that him doing all that shit ment that i was nothing at all in the first place, yep... i have a boyfriend again. I want out but he has nowhere to go. im cannot wait til he joins the millitary. I met him when i was in the process of leaving Augbake. :/ should of stayed at home. this is all my fault. i lost my cats, guinea pig. my belongings. and job. my credit went to shit. he doesn't want to talk to me. he still tries to argue. wtf... whats wrong with me!? I wish his relationships ends in a way that he made it end for me. i will miss his hair. his touch. his way of doing things for me. i was reading and seeing a bunch of older stuff we wrote to each other. how excited i was... i miss him sooo much..what have i done. so here i am at my moms house 26 years old. You know him and i have changed so much that we grew together and always kept our word. we were going to grow old together and what ev right? i want everything back :( come back i keep thinking. well yeah that is what is happening right now. plus... i been feeling useless too. lost my man, lost my job, my home. everything. i now have nothing but a family here. im trying to think of what is ahead in 6 months. please let me know.... i would want t know. did u get back with august? are u prego? where do u live? how did things go in florida? are you in florida again!? anyways.... i want to know. bye peace. love u always linda