2012-09-19 18:13:36 (UTC)

10 Minute Chorus

So I'm sitting here at Hanson Music Hall, getting ready to improve my voice, yet again. I think vocals are just an incredibly powerful thing to have and I can't wait to master that but I know it may take a long time. I possess a love for singing like no others. c:

Although I can't say that because there are some people who've been practicing for a really long time. :o

Anyway, I just came out of Sabor Latino workshops, skipping soccer YET AGAIN. I hope the coach doesn't hate me but he's not gonna let me in some of the games. Super understandable since I've been missing a lot.

So there's this freshman named Adrian, and he's kinda cute. Although I think I like Ahmed now, I'm over Phil...
...I think. And Ivan too, I kinda like Ivan.
Too bad he gets really fucked up...maybe or maybe not I can change that. Does he like me?
I wonder.

So I've been hearing my tutor boom her voice for the past 10 minutes, I wonder if I can ever get like her.

Yaneza and Grisel were talking about Armando today, and it's crossed my mind that he's more of a douchebag to other people rather than just the sophomores. He attempted to correct Yaneza when I knew she was right, and he ended up looking stupid and he said we had confused him lol.

People like Victor and Armando were watching us the whole time, and they didn't correct us. We were WINNING. Like bosses. I loved it, omg.
Victor's body is so goddamn nice. I'm so glad he got past my super fucking awkwardness.

It was super crazy and humiliating, thinking about the bracelet today in English and hopefully he's gotten past that. :o Oh Lord, fml.

There's much more...I'll wait after practice. :o