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2012-09-24 13:44:28 (UTC)

At peace

I was going to write an entry called “Rant of a husband” but i don’t have the appetite or spirit for conflict any more> I was going to state my case and why I feel hurt, angry and dejected but that is all gone now. I am in a happy place. The condition is still the same where my wife and I pretty much live like strangers but I am in a good place. I feel content with my live and want to live my live as it should be. I have a much closer relationship with God and I love my children. I am determined to achieve all the things I have set out to do.....I will continue to do my part irrespective of what i get back in return. If my marriage works out all the better if not then I will have to accept it and move on....i feel much stronger and better within myself but like I said i don’t have any interest in conflict of any sort just want to be at peace with myself.