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2012-09-21 03:16:37 (UTC)

What the hell bro?

Haven't you every heard of, "forgive and forget." Can you not see that this is the time i need you the most! I NEED my best friend back. What I said last year was LAST YEAR! Forget about it. Can we go back to being the good friends I thought we were? I thought we were stronger then this... I guess I'll have to keep it all bottled up again, well at least BEFORE i had ever even met you... This is where you can become my Superman again and save me from my hell:) Will you see me calling you? Come back and everything that's ruining my life will just go away. I mean I see the way you look at me.. That look is like, "why did I let her go." Everyday I go home and think of how much I cared for you. With your look at me, your the one keeping my here in this town in this world... Can you not see that i miss and need you? It's when you cared for me to tell me off in March that's the guy I would die for, do anything for... I think I might be in love with you, my best friend...