2012-09-19 00:26:16 (UTC)

Ending of a Strike

Today was a pretty good day for a strike, actually.
I played volleyball, didn't even do my homework, will be completed whenever I fucking feel like.
I'm not sure how I should feel, or how I should dress. I have vocal lessons, workshops, and I'm gonna have a pretty late day thanks to these errands. My parents understand I have to skip, but the coach is going to begin to dislike my absences. I have to ask him for some compromise...

Ultimately, Jesus invited me to Jama'ah Club, and I'm not sure how I feel about it...I am still an unsettled suspension of shit due to that past incident with Greesham. It really, really sucks.

A lot. But i love brownies so much.
Gonna take my freshman quip to school today, I guess.