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2012-09-18 23:27:03 (UTC)

Dont remember writing this story...Hmmmmm

The other dancers having noticed the intense chemistry between these two souls, created a vast crowd; all the while their eyes glued to the scene before them. The only sound was the music in the back, and the stepping of their own feet. They danced, holding each other close; syncing they’re bodies to the slow, smooth tempo of the song. Gliding around the ballroom, they stared deep into another’s eyes holding them passionately as they made they’re way around, undisturbed by their viewers.
Ayla’s thoughts were lost within her own mind. For once in her life, she was neither sane nor insane, or maybe she was half-sane or half-insane. Is love a tale told by a fool, or a song sung by the angels? No one was ever able to answer her question, for she was the only one who knew, and now James was the only other person she knew could answer that as well.
Love is angelic. It’s beautiful. To be in love can very well be compared to being able to soar above the sky, fly beyond the clouds, and levitate over the reigns of those who refuse to believe, or are afraid to admit. Nothing in this world is free, and neither is love. But that is not the answer. This is.
For ages, it has been well known that to conquer and receive your most desires; you must be well prepared, a skeptic, and never let your guard down, as many kings have done before, and many more will do in the future. To sacrifice anything of yours, was a sign of weakness, and the features of an unfit king unprepared to rule his people.
In order to truly feel love, and to be in love, the one main trait you must have, is the will to sacrifice; to sacrifice your mind, your heart, and your soul. To allow another soul to complete you, and to invade you. You must have faith in yourself and trust the sensations and devotion love creates.

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