2012-09-18 23:20:32 (UTC)

College, Work, Lose My Sanity: Check.

Getting a job while enrolled as a fulltime student at college was the last thing I wanted. Of course our wants are pushed away as needs and unexpected occasions come barging in.
I was supposed to be the child to graduate from college without any delays, unlike my older sister before me, but a few weeks into it and I’m already hanging by the edge of a cliff. The problem isn’t college; it’s the stress that comes from a struggling family of five, in the middle of divorce, with one vehicle for two adults and an adolescence to use.
My parents have always had a struggling marriage and though this divorce does not bother any one of my sisters; it does a hell of a lot of damage to my sanity, thanks to my mother for using me as a dairy.
On top of that stress I now have to go to work straight after college, then get home to sleep. I have no time to do my homework or essays, and no way to access my online classes, because, thanks to the absence of luck in my life, I have no home internet.
Seeing my struggles, my parents have come up with a conclusion for my problem; it’s my fault. Through their eyes the fault lands on me thanks too my decision to accept the job. The only reason I applied, and accepted the job, was because my mother has been telling me for weeks that she needed me to work or she wouldn’t be able to financially support myself and two younger sisters; my father on the other hand thinks a nonworking person is a lazy person, and he can not have a bum as a daughter.
I have morals and goals and quotes that have, and help me live through situations like this, but sometimes words just aren’t enough.