2012-09-17 21:47:36 (UTC)

Note to Connor .

i need one more note for today .

Connor ,
you played me . you're a dick . you told me you liked me a lot , called me babe , and told me you were gunna kiss me . you lead me on . and literally , THE NEXT DAY , you got a effin' girlfriend . and if or when you guys break up DO NOT expect me to want to come back to you . cause i'm done . the worst part is , i knew i was being played , i knew you were talking to other girls . i wasa jus too stupid to let you go . i guess i liked you too much . i don't hate you and i still wanna be your friend , but don't expect us to 'talk' or date ... EVER . i CANNOT believe i let myself fall for you THAT hard when I KNEW i was being played . stupid girls do stupid things right ? and i was stupid for trusting you . but it's done now , you have your girl and i'm still happy and breathing . SO FUCK YOU FOR BEING A PLAYER ! oh , if only you could read this right now . you need to learn that girls have feelings and they are not to be played with . you don't stay single for very long at all and you tell other girls you love them when you have a girlfriend . you talk to about 5 girls at once , if not more . i jus wanna know when you'll learn . apparently your mama got some manners to teach on how to treat a lady , cause your all wrong . im done with you . bye .
Emily .(: