2012-09-17 21:39:58 (UTC)


Alright , i decided that everyday , or almost everday , imma write a note one here to someone jus saying EVERYTHING i have to say even if they can't read it . It might even be to myself sometimes , so here it goes .

Dear you ,
even though everything feels like it's falling apart , you'll get through it . God would never put you through anything you can't handle . you lost Connor and Ethan , but guess what !? YOU'LL FIND BETTER ! they're both jus players anyways and if you go back to either one of them , i will slap you , even tho your me . :p you're a strong , independent girl and you don't need a guy in your life . they want you ? THEY COME FIND YOU ! DO NOT search for 'the right one .' make them prove it's real and they're the perfect one . don't give into peer pressure . never forget who you are and where you came from .<3 i love you . stay srong emi ! <3 ^_^
me .<3(:

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