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2012-09-17 17:39:23 (UTC)


There you were again. Appeared in my dreams once again. It seemed like you wanted something.. Something to tell me. But I was trying to avoid you. And you kept following me. Why?
Have you forgotten? Because I didn't. Have you regreted about what happen? About what you had done? Because I started to care less and less about you.
But how to expect from myself to forget you when you keep coming back like this? It's killing me. I WANT to move on but I haven't found the right choices yet..
Everyhting that i do reminds me of you. You are in my mind all the time. I want you out. And still I can't forget.
I wish you talked to me one last time. To explain. Why? How? Many questions without an answer. Even after so long I still want some answers.
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