Fallen from Grace
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2012-09-16 13:52:30 (UTC)

Touching Slip of the Tongue.

Last night Mike said something that I know he didn't realize. His little slip of the tongue was very touching. He was telling me he was talking about me to someone... When telling me what he said I caught something he said that stood out. He referred to me as "her." I know there a lot of people will never understand this aspect of me. I feel like I was born in the wrong body. When people look at me the see the shell... A body. I look in the mirror an I see the woman inside as my reflection. Take a second... If you woke up tomorrow in a body of the opposite sex. You now have to adjust. You now are expected by society to be a certain way. If you continue to dress and and behave like the sex you feel you are not what your body says you are you make yourself a target. Now unlike movies where this happens for a brief moment you are like this your whole life. Could you handle it? You would struggle with yourself all the time. I do too honestly. That is why it made my day to hear that slip up. I was once told I am a beautiful woman incognito as a cute guy. That touched me very deep. I don't care if the world sees that in me... just those closet to me. Thats MY world the rest of the globe doesn't matter to me. I got to say I appreciate all my suffering. Why? Cause with out it how would I know what feels good.

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